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Sample Classes

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What If Safety Series: What If I Have to Work in the Heat?

As temperatures in your area rise to nearly 100 degrees it's understandable to be concerned when working outdoors. What if you must work in the heat? How do you protect yourself? In this video, you learn the signs and symptoms of heat stress and how to avoid them while working safely in the heat.

Hiring For Customer Service

In this course, you will learn how excellent customer service begins before any training session. Excellence in customer service can be trained. But, for the training to be effective, your associates must be open to it.  This class will teach you all about hiring with customer service in mind. We'll talk you through everything from writing the job description to analyzing the new employee’s performance.

Electrical 101 Chapter 1: Voltage/Residential

You have already learned about voltage for residential, in this course, we walk thru voltage for commercial.

Respect in the Workplace

Respect is quite the word, isn’t it? It’s in articles, employment manuals, and even the chorus of one of the world’s most iconic songs. But what does it mean in the workplace? In this course, we chat about respect in your workplace & how it can affect the core of your company.