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The Benefits Of Microlearning

Microlearning is one of the biggest buzzwords right now in the business world. Companies are shifting the way they train & how they talk about training, incorporating this buzzy (and more effective) concept of shorter classes and less PowerPoint-induced naps. 

But why are top-brass CEO’s, training managers and founders getting on board with the Microlearning trend?

At GROW, we researched the statistics and science behind Microlearning, or as we like to call it, tidbit training, and its many benefits on employees and the workplace. Below are just some of the reasons you should consider switching your employees to tidbit training.

  1.  It matches the learning capacity of the human brain

Let’s face it. The next generation of employees has the world at their fingertips, absorbing bite-sized pieces of news, updates from friends and images. This gives educators roughly 3-7 minutes to relay information before the employee will become distracted.

       2.  Higher employee engagement

50% higher engagement, to be exact.

Remember going through a training that was so long and boring that you effectively planned your next vacation, decorated your home in your mind and fought the incessant eyelid closing? Maybe you would occasionally nod or smile to appear as if you’re paying attention?

That’s what employees are doing during 7-hour training sessions. Stop it!

This also means they’re not paying attention- so they’re not even taking this training back to work with them. According to this article, in a survey of 385 employees, 50% asked for the learning content to be broken up into short lessons.

       3.  More takeaways

When the courses are split up and cover only a few subjects per tidbit, learners are able to leave with more takeaways. 4-5 solid takeaways, to be exact.

The icing on top?

Studies indicate colorful presentations result in better attention and memory performance. Colors such as yellow and orange have greater effect on attention compared to very cool colors such as brown and grey.

Combine the color science with micro-learning and you have GROW tidbit training- a science-loving, employee focused Learning Management System that is truly built for ongoing employee education, engagement & happiness.

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