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Employee Training In a Mobile-Friendly Environment

The interviews are over, you have the job and life couldn’t be better. You arrive to your first day elated, only to find out that your first week will be spent in a poorly lit room, with only an 80’s Macintosh to keep you company. You go cross-eyed trying to keep track of what you’re “learning,” but really you’re clicking through the courses as quickly as possible. Maybe your boss even comes in and says “oh that part isn’t important, just blaze through that.”

Training has evolved, as has the technology supporting learning management systems, so if you plan on retaining new employees, don’t let this horror story still be your training technique.

Today, roughly 47% of companies are using mobile for some aspect of their training, and a whopping 67% of prospective learners want to use mobile devices to access learning.

These numbers have led companies to adopt Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. They’re embracing the idea that the millennial workforce, the first generation to grow up with technology, is more engaged in training that is social and allows them to learn quickly and more intentionally.

In a World Journal of Education study, 70% of trainees reported improved motivation to learn when they were able to use their mobile devices to quickly and efficiently navigate the courses. Roughly 72% reported increased engagement, and 45% of the users completed the courses roughly 5% faster than on a desktop.

Learning management systems that are made to work flawlessly with smartphones are the future of learning, and will not only efficiently train new employees but will increase retention.

At GROW, we focus all of our efforts on addressing the rapid growth and ever- changing environment of learning management systems, specifically for the Multifamily Industry. Ditch the desktop for some more smiling faces (and increased productivity). Win-win, don’t you think?