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You've come here to learn and we're ready to deliver! GROW Learning Management offers a complete suite of corporate learning essentials, including sexual harassment training, fair housing training, customer service skills training and so much more!

Explore our catalogue and find everything your team needs, in accessible and engaging 10-minute tidbits!

Welcome to our learning center! You’ve arrived at the one-stop shop for next generation learning in the multifamily industry. At GROW Learning, we offer comprehensive apartment industry online training – in accessible, engaging 10-minute tidbits.

Our suite of multifamily e-learning spans training in the areas of Fair Housing, leasing, maintenance, sexual harassment, customer service skills and more.

Our tidbit learning approach to multifamily training means we deliver what’s most relevant & important in a format that’s quick to learn and easy to retain. Learning science shows that our short courses have proven to engage employees more effectively, while educating and motivating them to take control of their own career path. In fact, tidbits are the foundation for growth. Start with a little piece of information here, combine it with a little piece of information there – and before you know it you’ve got a well-trained team of associates who are engaged and excited. We like to focus on one small apartment industry training topic at a time – leasing to millennials, for example – and deliver it in a small amount of time. Everyone knows what a drag it is to sit in front of a computer for three hours for a course, only to realize you haven’t even retained what you learned. That’s why we go with tidbit training – Who doesn’t have time for a 10-minute class?

Plus, our courses are cloud-based. This means they can be taken on any device, anywhere, at any time! Whether you’re a Vice President on an iPad, a Property Manager on a computer, or a Maintenance Supervisor on a smartphone, multifamily online training with GROW Learning is so easy and convenient you’ll want to log in and take a quick class any time you get a few minutes. The GROW learning management system uses colorful, engaging graphics in short, retention-focused training that educates, engages and motivates associates worldwide.

At GROW Learning, we have a deep understanding of your industry. Our multifamily training is built by seasoned professionals from both the multifamily housing industry as well as the e-learning industry. We’re keenly aware of the big issues within apartment management training, and we know how to address them so your team is best positioned for success.

We also pride ourselves on customization. At GROW Learning, we understand that each apartment community is different. This means your online training needs are unique. We respond by making it easy to customize a course so it’s tailored to your individual needs. No, we don’t just add your logo – we’ll develop course material that addresses the needs of your team. Our curriculum pros work with you to make sure your team receives the training it needs to move your apartment community forward.

Our multifamily e-learning offerings encompass subjects including:

  • Customer Service
  • Fair Housing
  • Harassment/Discrimination
  • Leasing
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Resident Retention
  • Environmental