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The air conditioning is out – yet again – in the first building. Plus, four units need new locks before tenants move in tomorrow, it’s time to make a plan for winterizing the sprinkler system, and a resident just called to say her refrigerator isn’t working. What’s critical to ensuring all of these issues are addressed quickly and effectively? Maintenance training.

Fortunately, GROW Learning’s catalogue includes learning essentials focused on multifamily maintenance training. Here, you’ll find everything your apartment community’s maintenance team needs to achieve success in areas including routine maintenance and urgent repairs as well as service team leadership and Fair Housing as it relates to maintenance.

At GROW Learning, we understand that your maintenance team doesn’t have a lot of spare time for job training – they should be out serving your community as much as possible. That’s why we created accessible and engaging courses that take up less than 10 minutes of your time.

Each maintenance e-learning course revolves around tidbit learning. This means that instead of overwhelming workers with hours of notes and slides about how to excel at maintenance, our training consists of brief animated videos that are just long enough to absorb the tidbits of information most important for maintenance work. As a result of this training style, maintenance workers retain critical information and then apply the knowledge on the job.

Ultimately, GROW Learning’s online maintenance training equips workers with the skills they need to keep facilities running smoothly, leading to thriving apartment communities.

GROW Learning’s maintenance training courses span topics including:

  • Electrical: Voltage/Residential
  • Electrical: Current Types
  • Electrical: Voltage/Commercial
  • Electrical: Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable
  • Electrical: Flex
  • Electrical: Stiff Wall
  • Electrical: Installation/Connectors/Protection
  • Electrical: Receptacles
  • Electrical: Analogies