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Leasing – it’s the heart of an apartment community’s office. The successes – and struggles – of a community often relate directly to leasing, which makes training leasing agents all the more important.

Consider GROW Learning your one-stop shop for all your leasing training needs. Our complete suite of corporate learning essentials goes well beyond the basics of leasing to arm your team with the tools they need to excel in multifamily leasing. For instance, our online leasing training catalogue spans topics ranging from telephone techniques to selling to millennials to how to ace your leasing tour.

What’s more, GROW Learning serves up courses in video format. Each accessible, engaging course takes up less than 10 minutes of your time. This brief leasing e-learning time allows your team to maximize the amount of time and energy they can devote to the business of leasing.

Another significant benefit for your team: GROW Learning’s leasing training follows the tidbit training model. Tidbits are, essentially, the foundation for growth. Learn about one leasing aspect here, another there, and soon your community has a well-trained leasing team. With research showing tidbit learning helps drive retention and application, these courses are not only convenient, but they’re highly effective as well.

Our training spans a wide range of key topics in apartment leasing, including:

  • Leasing Tours
  • Social Media & Leasing
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Passion for Your Community
  • Selling to Millennials
  • Closing from the First Contact
  • Beginning and End of Day
  • Features
  • Shop Report
  • Perception of Your Community
  • Following Through
  • Beyond Barriers

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