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Fair Housing

Compliance with the Fair Housing Act is a must. At the same time, we realize that understanding all the ins and outs of this anti-discrimination law and how it applies to your particular apartment community can be overwhelming, as well as confusing. Fortunately, GROW Learning has built comprehensive Fair Housing training products that break down everything you and your team need to know to comply.

We achieve this Fair Housing e-learning success by offering tidbit training. This means you learn what’s most relevant and important in a format that’s quick to learn and easy to retain. Our short courses – they’re just 10 minutes tops! –  have proven to effectively engage teams while educating and motivating them to take control of their own career paths. 

With the Fair Housing Act encompassing so many sub-topics, we bring good news: You can pick and choose the Fair Housing courses you want, assembling your GROW Learning training selections however you want. For instance, our Fair Housing course catalogue not only includes overview courses, such as the Fair Housing Basics class, but we also offer a host of courses focused on specific areas of the law – Fair Housing Service Animals is just one example.

Plus, all of GROW Learning’s training for the multifamily housing industry is cloud-based. Our courses – all in video form – are mobile responsive. You can learn on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Each course on the Fair Housing law is not only rooted in learning science, but is also developed based on our own extensive experience in the multifamily housing industry. Our Fair Housing training spans the following areas:

  • Fair Housing Disability
  • Fair Housing Disparate Impact
  • Fair Housing Familial Status
  • Fair Housing for Maintenance
  • Fair Housing for Maintenance - Spanish
  • Fair Housing Intro
  • Fair Housing Service Animals
  • Fair Housing Basics
  • Fair Housing Basics – Spanish
  • Medical Marijuana 

It’s easy to take these courses – scroll down to get started.